Ordering Procedures

Ordering Procedures

How to Place an order

Order Prices : Customer order is subject to confirmation by company when received with order acceptance duly signed by customer to the goods referred to in order being available then
Price Escalation : The prices quoted are subject to withdrawal at any time until the order is accepted by company. All prices are ex-works. All other charges are extra.
Interest : In case of deliveries beyond three months from the date of order, the supply will be charged at the rates ruling on the date of despatch.
Delivery : Payment not made at the time of or before taking delivery and the documents of goods sent through bank not retired immediately will be liable for interest at the rate of 18% per annum.
Deliveries quoted are subject to prior sale and confirmation by company. All delivery period starts from the date of receipt of the necessary advance as per payment terms and promises are best on the current manufacturing programme. Company will ENDEAVOUR to keep to the date given. Delay in the delivery quoted shall not render the contract voidable on the part of the purchaser and no clam either direct or indirect, or reject goods on account of delay to company and company have option to deliver the goods in part consignment too.
Specification Liability : Illustration, drawing descriptive matter, weights, power, dimension and other particulars are approximate only and are not guaranteed.
Liabilities : Liabilities will pass over to the customer immediately upon despatch ex-works. Shortage will not be entertained by the company unless informed in writing within seven days after avail of goods at destination when despatched
Insurance : Unless otherwise instructed in writing the company will despatch the goods by any forwarder at buyers risk, uninsured and company accept no liability for any damages in transit. Insurance to be covered by the buyer, since it is easier to claim at destinations.
Warranty Cancellation : There is no warranty of any kind.
No order embodying cancellation or penalty clauses can be accepted by company. In the event of cancellation of an order after payment of advance by the customer, company reserves the right to forefeit the advance. In respect of cancellation of orders not covered with advance company will proceed against the customer for the recovery of damages.
Forcemajeure : Company shall be under no liability under any contract arising out of, their quotation wherever fulfillment of company's or their suppliers obligation is hindered or prevented by causes such as war, strikes, lockouts, fire accidents, epidemics, failure of supply of electricity or other power shortage of materials or labour, or orders of government or other duly constituted authority.
Storage : When machines are ready to despatch and the customer failing to take delivery, in such case company reserves the right to allot the said goods to the next customer, and cancel the order and forfeit the payment (s).
Contract : Will only be considered as having been accepted only when it has been confirmed in writing by company and ourtender is not binding. Telegraphic and telephonic alteration regarding qualities or specifications required written confirmation by company before execution and no proceedings to enforce any claim and no suit arising of any contract shall be instituted except in court of competent jurisdiction located within the municipal limits of Mumbai.n
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•    Prices mentioned in this catalouge are for a minimum order of US $ 10000

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